Our Happy Toilet Cleaner Story™

about Linda and Chris

Linda, you can’t keep putting those chlorine tablets in the toilet tank like that! You’re damaging the plumbing parts! Remember those emergency flooded bathroom calls to our plumbing company?

Well Chris, I guess you’d better figure something out – because I want a squeaky-clean toilet… and I’m tired of cleaning these toilet bowls by hand!

Wait a minute – don’t look at me! I don’t want to clean toilets either!

If you want clean toilet bowls every day, but you hate cleaning them – you’re in the right place!

I’m Chris… and that’s my lovely wife, Linda!

For 35 years, while we owned a plumbing company, we saw damaged toilet plumbing parts from chlorine tablets placed in the tank. This led to water leaks and subsequent water damage to bathrooms and nearby areas… and lots of toilet repairs.

Once Linda went on her toilet-bowl cleaning strike, I had to do something!
Happy Wife – Happy Life… right?

That’s how the Happy Toilet Cleanerwas born!