5 Reasons Why

Happy Toilet Cleaner is the Perfect Solution for Your Bathroom

  1. Effective & Long-lasting
  2. Trusted & Developed by a Plumber
  3. Safe & Eco-Friendly
  4. Easy Installation - Under 1 Minute
  5. Universal Toilet Tablet Cleaner Fit
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Invented by a Licensed Plumber and Trusted by Thousands

The Happy Toilet Cleaner is a revolutionary product designed by a licensed master plumber that transforms any toilet into a self-cleaning toilet. Our easy-to-install tablet holder keeps your favorite cleaning tablet in place, releasing the perfect concentration of cleaner with every flush to protect your toilet and its tank parts from erosion and leaks. 

Beyond Clean

Reaching Where Others Can't

The Happy Toilet Cleaner stands out with its patented design, ensuring the cleaning tablet consistently dispenses a precise solution that not only cleans the bowl but specifically targets the hard-to-reach jets at the top, notorious for black mold and calcium deposits. Unlike other systems that simply flush money away, our design fills the bowl with the cleaning solution after each flush for an unmatched, thorough clean.


Superior Performance

The Benefits & Savings For you

More free time: Happy Toilet Cleaner will save you up to 24 hours of toilet cleaning time. Ditch the scrubbing and spend your time on things you enjoy.

Huge savings: Experience up to $200 in savings in annual toilet cleaning supplies with the sustainable, long-lasting Happy Toilet Cleaner.

Improved hygiene: A cleaner toilet bowl means better bathroom hygiene for your family or business.

Peace of mind: Save thousands of dollars in toilet repair and/or water damage costs knowing your toilet is clean and fresh.

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Happiness Guaranteed!

If you're not completely satisfied with your Happy Toilet Cleaner™ in the first 90 days after purchase, we'll give you a 100% refund. Please see the return instructions on the FAQ page!